Our initiative was launched in the immensity of the ever-green savannas of the “Humid-Tropics”, a source of water for Mexico. From the start the innovative project strongly was strongly committed to nature and to maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

We currently manage 4,000 hectares (ha) including 1000 ha of natural forest reserves and 800 ha of wetlands. All of these are home to a broad variety of flora and fauna and serve as extremely important reserves for migratory birds from northern Mexico, USA, and Canada that find shelter for resting, feeding and protection from the cold. The Autonomous University of Tabasco identified more than 100 bird species in these reserves, alongside wild jaguars, deer, primates, iguanas, gar fish, turtles, manatees, and many other animals that tells us in their own unique way that we are doing things right.

The three flagship species (meaning that they are almost extinct or most endangered) inhabiting the areas are:


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